Breaking: ISRAELI TANK HIT BY MISSILE – 2 Dead, 7 Soldiers Wounded in Hezbollah Attack

UPDATE: Two Israeli soldiers were killed by Iran’s Hezbollah terrorist branch today.

Hezbollah strikes in Israel–
israel tank

An IDF tank was hit today by a missile in northern Israel – Nine soldiers were wounded.


The attack was near Mount Dov in northern Israel.

Israel responded to the attack.

The Israeli soldiers were treated at Ziv Hospital.

The current crisis goes back to the beginning of the month:

(1) Thursday, Jan 15 – Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah gives an interview threatening to invade Israel’s Galilee region, which is adjacent to the Golan Heights

(2) Sunday, Jan 18 – Hezbollah and Iran deploy a convoy from Hezbollah-controlled territory in Syria toward the Golan Heights border. Israel lets the convoy get within 4 miles of the border and then intercepts it. Reports differ on what the Israeli assessment was (Reuters heard that the Israelis thought they were blocking an active infiltration attempt; Kuwaiti daily al-Rai heard the Israelis thought the convoy was there to prepare for a future infiltration).

(3) Tuesday, Jan 27 – Hezbollah repeatedly attacks Israel across the Syrian border. After the second round of rocket fire, which triggrered alerts in Israeli civilian communities, the Israeli Air Force responds against Syrian assets

(4) Wednesday, Jan 28 – This morning’s unfolding incidents, beginning with the attack on Israeli soldiers.

These tips were distributed to journalists this morning by Omri Ceren.

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