Breaking: First Confirmed Ground Battle Reported Between ISIS & Canadian Special Forces

Remember when Barack Obama told his supporters at a campaign stop,
“I said I’d end the War in Iraq. I ended it.”

Then he pulled all US forces from Iraq.

Well today ISIS is on the march – holding parades and fighting allied troops.


The first confirmed ground clashes in Iraq took part this week between Canadian special forces and ISIS.

CBC News reported:

Canadian special forces came under ISIS fire in Iraq sometime in the last week when they went to the front lines following a planning session with senior Iraqi leaders, their commanding officer told reporters in Ottawa on Monday.

Brig.-Gen. Michael Rouleau, commander of the Canadian special operations forces command, said the forces came under “immediate and effective mortar fire” and responded with sniper fire, “neutralizing the mortar and the machine-gun position.”

The troops had been in a planning session several kilometres behind the front lines, but approached to visualize what they had discussed.

Rouleau said he couldn’t provide much tactical detail to avoid giving ISIS an advantage in future.

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