Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks at Paris Grande Synagogue

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the Grande Synagogue in Paris today after marching in the massive rally against terrorism.
march paris

From his speech (in French and Hebrew):
Netanyahu thanked the citizens including the Muslim citizens for their courage this week.

For years we’ve been fighting terrorism.
Personally the pains of terrorism, pains of these losses, and the many hostages who were taken, and to the person who was killed trying to save the hostages.
Those that died in acts of terrorism, and soldiers fighting against terrorism, in these operations, Thank you.
We are thinking today of these victims. An ancient proud people that we are.
We will overcome this.
For Justice and peace.
Not ordinary Islam, we’re talking about radical fundamentalist Islam.


They’re all the same evil.
They want to take over the world.
They want to bring humanity backwards.
Particular, in the way that they attack Western cultures.
Freedom and rights.
These values.

But, Israel which is peaceful, where all religions may live.
Radical Islam does not like Israel.
Extremists Muslim does not recognize Israel and hates Israel and the West.

French President Francois Hollande was with Netanyahu during his historic speech.

Netanyahu posted this tweet earlier today.

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