Afghan Protesters Rally in Support of Charlie Hebdo Killers

rage boy
Rage Boy

Afghan protesters marched in southern Afghanistan in support of the Charlie Hebdo killers.
The rally was held after holy Friday prayers.
But the attacks had nothing to do with Islam.
Yahoo-Reuters reported:

Hundreds in southern Afghanistan rallied to praise the killing of 12 people at the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, calling the two gunmen “heroes” who meted out punishment for cartoons disrespectful to Islam’s prophet, officials said Saturday.

The demonstrators also protested President Ashraf Ghani’s swift condemnation of the bloody attack on the satirical newspaper, according to the officials in Uruzgan province.

The rally came after worshippers left Friday prayers at a local mosque in Chora district and swelled to several hundred people, said Chora police chief Abdul Qawi.

“The protesters were calling the attackers heroes and were shouting that those who had mocked the Prophet Mohammad were punished,” Qawi said.

Provincial police chief Matiullah Khan said that police had been informed in advance of the demonstration, which was allowed under the Afghan constitution’s free-speech provisions.
“They provided good security and it was peaceful,” he said.

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