Rudy Giuliani Laughs at Cop-Basher DeBlasio: “The Man Has a Hard Time Getting Past His Ideology” (Video)

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani responded to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s latest attacks from this past weekend. De Blasio on Sunday admonished former Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his recent comments that “responsibility is on the black community” for reducing the necessity of police officers in their communities. De Blasio said, “I think he fundamentally misunderstands the reality.”

Tonight Rudy responded by laughing at the cop-bashing mayor.

Ha-ha-ha. That is absolutely hilarious that I fundamentally don’t understand reality. When, in fact, what he’s doing is propounding the idea that the police are responsible for this… I don’t remember Mayor DeBlasio putting police officers in prison. I put about 70 in prison. So police officers can misbehave. They are part of the problem. However, 96% of the problem is black on black crime. And, his failure to recognize that is making the situation worse… What this indicates to me is the man has a hard time getting past his ideology.

Via Hannity:

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