Protester Arrested After Tossing Raw Meat at Police – Says She’s There to “Feed the Piggies”

A Massachusetts woman was arrested after smearing raw pork products at police officers.

The woman said, “God told her” to feed the piggies.

The woman, who brought bacon and pork sausage with her in a Dunkin Donut box, was taken for evaluation.
Pundit Press reported:


A Massachusetts woman is under arrest and is going under a psychological evaluation after throwing uncooked pork products at police officers Friday.

The incident took place at the Framingham police department when the 24-year-old suspect, Lindsey McNamara, came in with a “smile on her face” and a Dunkin’ Donuts box in her hands. Instead of donuts, however, the box contained uncooked sausage and bacon.

McNamara approached a dispatcher’s window and was asked if she needed help. She responded that she was there to “feed the pigs,” reached into the box, and started smearing the pork products on the window. Eventually, McNamara had emptied the contents of the box on the outside of the dispatcher’s counter.

Lindsey McNamara told the judge, “Someone is out to get me.”

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