POLICE LAUGH AT REPORTER Who Published Darren Wilson’s Address After She Requests A-List Protection

New York Times reporter Julie Bosman published Officer Darren Wilson’s address in a report on his recent marriage.
julie bosman

Now Bosman is worried about her own safety and reportedly has requested A-List police protection.
The police laughed at her.
Illinois Review reported:

Julie Bosman, the Chicago-based New York Times reporter who published police officer Darren Wilson’s address is “over exaggerating” her security concerns say the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

Sources inside CPD tell Got News that Bosman (photo above) demanded a level of protection afforded A-List celebs and dignitaries. But an investigation revealed that she was not in any danger, and deserved no more than extra attention paid to her address by patrol.

Bosman “wasn’t under any real threat” says a Chicago police officer. “She came in thinking she was Steven Spielberg or something shooting a movie” demanding all kinds of protections says a law enforcement source with knowledge of the Chicago police. “The police laughed at her.”

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