North Korea Denies Sony Hack Attack – Threatens US

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North Korea said the US accusations that it was involved in the Sony hack attack were “groundless slander.”

Pyongyang denied they were behind the Sony hack attack on Saturday. The North Koreans also invited the US to find the culprits and threatened “grave consequences” if the Americans rejected their proposal.
The BBC reported:

North Korea has offered to hold a joint inquiry with the United States into a cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, strongly denying US claims that it is behind it.

The North’s foreign ministry accused the US government of “spreading groundless allegations” and said a probe would refute the allegations.

The attack and subsequent threats against cinemas led Sony to cancel the release of The Interview, a satire…

…On Saturday, the North Korean foreign ministry said: “As the United States is spreading groundless allegations and slandering us, we propose a joint investigation with it into this incident.”

Without resorting to such tortures as were used by the US CIA, we have means to prove that this incident has nothing to do with us.

The statement said there would be “grave consequences” if the Americans rejected their inquiry proposal.

the interview
Sony cancelled their movie “The Interview” this week due to threats from hackers.

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