PHOTOS – HUNDREDS OF POLICE OFFICERS Turn Their Backs on Mayor De Blasio at Funeral for Rafael Ramos

Hundreds of police officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio today at the funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos.
police backs de blasio

Hundreds of officers showed their disdain for De Blasio.

The police are upset with De Blasio for siding with the street protesters and for stirring up racial hatred against the NYPD.


Here’s another view.
officers turn their backs
Hundreds or thousands turned their backs on De Blasio.

Police officers turned their backs on De Blasio last Saturday when he was at the hospital where the officers were pronounced dead after their execution style murder.
deblasio back

Around 25,000 police officers and civilians were expected to attend the funeral today.

And then there’s this…

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