GotNews Resumes Lawsuit for #MikeBrown ‘s Juvie Record #Ferguson

mike brown bird filed an appeal with the Missouri Court of Appeals for the disclusure of Mike Brown’s juvenile records.
GotNews reported:

GotNews.Com has filed an appeal (writ) with the Missouri Court of Appeals to compel the disclosure of Michael Brown’s juvenile records. On September 9, 2014, St. Louis County Circuit Family Court judge, the Honorable Ellen Siwak denied and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s requests for Brown’s juvenile records. The GotNews appeal maintains that Judge Siwak did not have the authority to deny GotNews’ request for the records because Brown’s death essentially stripped the judge of her discretionary authority records requests.

“The key issues in this case are government accountability and the preservation of the democratic process,” said GotNews attorney John Burns. “The Public has a right to this information, as well as a need. Serious allegations have been made by a number of observers that Michael Brown was murdered and that Prosecutor McCullough permitted Officer Wilson to evade trial. In the face of such serious and persistent allegations, the Public deserves more information, not less.”

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