CNN’s Van Jones on Garner Decision: Police lynched a man on video; green light for lethal force

CNN’s cop hating, leftist revolutionary Anthony K. “Van” Jones wrote inflammatory messages on Twitter Wednesday after a grand jury declined to indict a New York City police officer in the July death of Eric Garner during an attempt to arrest him.

Jones used hot button words and phrases like “lynched” “open season” and “green light for lethal force” in his tweets. Jones who is black also magnanimously acknowledged that white people can be ‘people of conscience’.

Jones markets himself as a likeable lefty, but the mask came off after the grand jury decision was announced revealing a raging, cop hating, leftist:


“Police lynched a man on video and got away with it.”

“Police lynched a man on video and got away with it. #Chokehold #Garner #EricGarner #OpenSeason?”

“What are u more concerned about? What citizens may do with anger — or what POLICE will do with this green light for lethal force?? #Garner”

“Very, very multi-racial crowd on streets of NYC tonight. A lot of white faces. Important to note: people of conscience come in all colors.”

The left, led by the Obama administration which Jones used to work for, is exploiting the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner to undermine the rule of law in America by inciting mob justice.

CNN should be called out for giving the cop-hating, leftist revolutionary Van Jones a platform to undermine the American justice system.

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