THOUSANDS OF PEACEFUL MARCHERS Attend Cleveland’s Sea of Blue Police Support Rally

No riots, no arson, no looting, no bricks thrown, no Molotov Cocktails hurled, no death chants. Just several thousand peaceful participants in the ‘Sea of Blue’ march and rally to support police officers held in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday. reported the rally drew 2,500 supporters and about 20 counter-demonstrators. The rally was organized by a police dispatcher, Mary Jo Graves, who posted an announcement on Facebook one week ago and asked participants to wear blue clothing.

The rally paid tribute to fallen officers. The AP reported the rally ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


“The pro-police rally ended with a priest leading the crowd in a recitation of “The Lord’s Prayer,” followed by the mournful skirl of a bagpipe. The crowd then walked away in silence.”

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