Radical Black Activist Issues Death Threat to Bosnian Immigrants #Ferguson (VIDEO)

A woman named Mary Omni has put out a video claiming Bosnians deserve to die.

This woman issued the death threats after three black minors murdered Bosnian refugee Zemir Begic with hammers last weekend. She defends the killers.

From the video:


“Ferguson, Bosnian death immigrant warning is this. You are on these black young men 14th birthrights and land rights. If there’s an accident that occurs you are considered the invader and embezzler thief. You came to build a dream on the 14th Constitutional nation of supremacy. Fourteenth biblical inheritors… The Bosnian immigrant was invading. The Bosnian immigrant was joining globalists and they came to America for the American dream at the expense of black infant babies. At the expense of the Mike Brown. At the expense of the black housing. At the expense of the black’s education… The immigrant Bosnian is seen as a foreign invader and a thief.”

The entire video is unhinged and delusional.
But the death threat is real.

Mary Omni is promoting a race riot.

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