Berkeley Prof Offers Students Extension on Homework If They Are Injured at Riots

Berkeley professor Kaya Oakes offered her students an extension on their homework if they decide to join the riots against police.
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Professor Oakes deleted her Twitter account after receiving feedback on her policies.
CBS Local reported:

A lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley who posted a tweet offering extra time on an assignment to students injured during anti-police brutality protests has received numerous threats, prompting her to delete her Twitter account.

Kaya Oakes, an author who teaches writing at the university, tweeted Sunday, “If any of my #Berkeley students were teargassed, batoned or shot w/rubber bullets last night, you can have an extension on your essay.”

Since then, Oakes and her colleagues at the university have received complaints and threats.

Before deleting her account, Oakes discussed her offer and said that students can receive extensions on their assignments for several reasons.

She later explained her tweets.
Via Twitchy:
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