Sheriff David Clarke Calls Out Cop-Bashers President Obama, AG Holder & Sharpton (Video)

Sheriff David Clarke went on with Neil Cavuto to discuss the latest outbreak of protests across America.
Clarke called out cop-bashers Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton.

Well it’s pretty obvious, Neil. This plays itself out in American cities probably every day of the year. And the inconvenient truth here is too often times, disparately in fact, the perpetrators are young black males. That should be the discussion we are having in this country instead of painting it over with things like targeting the police. Cop bashing. The president of the United States, Holder, Sharpton and their cabal are doing right now so that they don’t have to really deal with the real issue in this country as it relates to crime… Police is not what’s wrong about America. Police are one of the few things that are still right about America.

This was a great interview.
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