Obama Insults Americans With Phony “Buffering” Graphic To Push Internet Agenda For Net Neutrality

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Apparently Liberals and the Obama Team think Americans are that dumb. Recently an uncovered video of Gruber—the architect of Obamacare—proves that Liberals and the Obama team view Americans as stupid. Gruber also reveals that in order to push the Liberal agenda, the truth has to be hidden because the American public would never vote for the Liberal agenda if they knew the truth.

Well, the Obama team is at it again to fool the public into thinking the Internet doesn’t work without Obama to ride in and save the day with BIG GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACY disguised as “Net Neutrality“! Expect Liberals to change the label term for this legislation in 3… 2… 1….


Obama appears in a video from the White House (below) to push Net Neutrality and opens with a phony “Buffering” graphic. Too funny. Hat Tip Newsbusters:

A capture below of the opening video “Buffering” bumper.

Just remember that the “Buffering” is a part of the actual video and there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection—reminiscent of the opening warnings for an old TV series—Do not adjust your connections since you are about to enter the Outer Limits of big government buffoonery.


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