New Mexico University President Emails Students: “Vote As Often as Possible”

vote early
This email was sent out by Cheri Jimeno, Ph.D., the President of New Mexico State University Alamogordo to the university students.

Jimeno encourages students to vote early and often.

“Remember – early voting is available through Saturday. Please be sure to turn over your ballots to read about GO Bond A, GO Bond B and GO Bond C. Yep, Bond B and C have a direct (and wonderful) impact on NMSU-A. So, if you are going to vote “yes” on the bonds, I would encourage you to vote as often as possible…..the passage of any of the bonds will NOT increase taxes!”

Here’s a copy of the email.
(the phone number was redacted)
nm state email


Related… There was a report out last week that non-citizens could decide the midterm election.
80% of non-citizens vote Democrat.

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