Missouri Republicans Consolidate Hold on Legislature – Right to Work Now a Possibility

Missouri Republicans strengthened their veto proof majorities in the state House and Senate.
Republicans now hold 25 of 34 senate seats and added seven members in the House for a total of 117.

So will Missouri become a Right to Work state?
Missouri is one of the few conservative states without right to work laws.
right to work states
(Macon County Patriots)

St. Louis Public Radio reported:


Missouri Democrats took a beating on Tuesday in contests for the Missouri General Assembly, losing even more ground in the Missouri House and Senate — including a hotly-contested race for a vacant Jefferson County Senate seat.

A bright spot for Democrats was in St. Louis County, where State Rep. Jill Schupp, D-Creve Coeur, narrowly won a hard-fought contest for the 24th District Senate seat.

Going into the election, the Republicans already controlled the state legislature. Now they have strengthened that dominance. When the 34-member state Senate reconvenes in 2015, it now will have 25 Republican members – two more than needed to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto. In the 163-member House, the Republican majority will be adding seven members for a total of 117.

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