HAMAS TERRORIST ATTACK IN JERUSALEM – One Dead and Three in Critical Condition (Video)


A Hamas Muslim terrorist rammed through a line of soldiers in Jerusalem on Wednesday killing one.
The driver intentionally drove over the soldiers as they lined the busy street in Jerusalem.
A security camera captured the terrorism.

YNEt News reported on the deadly attack.

A van rams into pedestrians at Tomb of Simeon the Just in East Jerusalem, exits car and continues attack with metal bar until shot dead by police; after violent morning clashes on Temple Mount.

A van rammed into a group of pedestrians waiting for the Light Rail in Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing one person and wounding a number of others. The perpetrator of the attack – the second of its kind in as many weeks – was identified as a Hamas operative from East Jerusalem.

The terrorist hit two groups of people near the light rail station on Shimon Hatsadik Street in the capital, killing a Border Policeman and leaving two others with serious wounds, two in moderate condition and one with light wounds.

He then got out of his vehicle and began attacking other cars with a metal bar, at which point he was shot dead by Border Police.

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