#Ferguson Mob STORMS Democratic Victory Party in St. Louis County (Video)

Young Leftists stormed the election headquarters of Democrat Steve Stenger last night after his victory in the St. Louis County Executive race.

The leftist mob ate his food and then started shouting “Free speech!”
They were escorted out of the building and a few were arrested.

Local FOX 2 reported:


Democrat Steve Stenger won the St. Louis County Executive race by less than 2,000 votes. Although it was a very tight race between Stenger and Republican Rick Stream, Stenger’s moment of victory was interrupted by protesters.

During his acceptance speech, demonstrators started yelling. Some even chanted “Free Speech” while being escorted out of the victory party by St. Louis County police.

A group of about 15 protesters then gathered outside of the building. Some were arrested.

In the wake of the deadly police shooting of Michael Brown, County prosecutor Bob McCulloch has come under fire and so has Stenger.

The protesters were cuffed and tossed in the paddy wagon.

Then they went outside and screamed at police.

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