DOJ Forces #Ferguson Police to Wear Nametags – While They Hide Their Identities

ferguson nametags
Ferguson activists are threatening police officers and their families.
The Holder DOJ says the police must wear nametags. (Hypervocal)

Department of Justice officials are forcing police officers to wear nametags while on duty at the Ferguson riots. But these same officials won’t reveal their own identity to local officials.
FOX 2 reported:

Department of Justice representatives have come to Ferguson in the wake of Michael Brown’s death. They’re making strong demands they don’t appear to follow themselves.

Activists often complain about officers without name tags. Department of Justice representative Christy Lopez jumped on the issue in a recent public meeting saying, “That’s a problem. We need to fix that.” A police wife told us that officers agree they should not be anonymous, but said they`ve lately faced extreme circumstances that have caused some to remove their name tags at times.

The police wife said officers have been, “screamed at by protestors, “we`re going to go to your house. We`re going to rape your wives then we`re going to kill them and we`re going to kill your children” and this is being screamed at them in the presence of Department of Justice agents.”

Those agents said a name tag is non-negotiable, regardless of the threat…

…Ferguson officers are reportedly asking for names of DOJ reps and not getting them. They only know names of a couple, who said their names in public meetings – like Christy Lopez and a man who identified himself as a former police chief Mike Davis.

So I asked for a list of names, last Thursday. A DOJ spokesperson in Washington D.C. said, “I will have to check to see if that information is publicly available.” Yesterday, I asked again and I also asked for a response to the specific allegations you heard in this report. The spokesman responded, “Do you know the name of the (Ferguson officer) who sent the letter?” and “Can you tell me more about your story?”

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