UK Media Contacts CDC to Get Help for Sick ‘Quarantined’ Ebola Victim’s Caregiver

Earlier Friday, The Gateway Pundit report how the CDC allowed a woman and her partner to go out food shopping and receive visitors after they and her children were in direct contact with the Texas Ebola victim.

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The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, was staying at Ivy Apartments before he was admitted to the hospital. Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Zachary Thompson and Medical Director Christopher Perkins walk out of a unit at the complex. (Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press)

Later Friday afternoon, the UK Daily Mail reported the woman, Youngor Jallah, and her family are starting to show signs of illness but have not received instructions from the CDC on what to do. The family was waiting to hear back from the CDC from a phone call for help placed Thursday.

The Mail reporter contacted the CDC Friday on behalf of the family and reported, “An official said she would pass on the information. “

Jallah cared for the Texas Ebola victim, Liberian national Thomas Duncan, at the Dallas area apartment of her mother Louise Troh. Jallah was joined at the apartment with the Ebola victim by her four children and her partner, Aaron Yah.

The Mail reported some members of the family are to show signs of illness.

“Ms Jallah repeatedly wiped her eyes – which appeared sticky – with a paper towel while a child sneezed and coughed in the background. While it is unlikely to be related to the Ebola virus, they did not look as healthy as they did when MailOnline visited on Thursday.”

The family is living in filth and darkness as the CDC has not given them instructions on how to safely dispose of waste including soiled diapers. Their apartment lost power and phone service in a storm Thursday night. The family said no one from CDC had come to check on them after having checked on them in previous days.

The Mail said the family was running low on food, water and diapers.

In their last contact with the CDC on Thursday, the family couldn’t even get a simple answer from the CDC about whether they should stay indoors.

“Ms Jallah said: ‘We asked the CDC last night if we have to stay indoors and they said they would come back to us overnight and tell us this morning.’”

As of mid-afternoon Friday, there was no contact from the CDC.

The Obama administration held a press conference Friday afternoon to demonstrate to the American people they are on top of the Ebola outbreak. The Jallah family might beg to differ.

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