Rev. Al Sharpton Heading Back to #Ferguson for Halloween – Did White House Send Him? …Update: Iyanla to Join Him

sharpton ferguson
Rev. Al spoke at Michael Brown’s funeral in August.

Rev. Al Sharpton is heading back to Ferguson, Missouri for a four day Halloween visit.
KSDK reported:

Rev. Al Sharpton is returning to Ferguson, Missouri, to bring awareness to the Michael Brown case.

“It is imperative that from Ferguson to Staten Island, that we let them know, that we are not going to let them allow anything but a fair and just hearing of the evidence,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton will be in Ferguson from Oct. 31 until Nov. 3, one day for each hour Brown’s body laid in the street.

So, Reverend Al is coming to Ferguson for four days right before the midterm elections. We also know that he often collaborates with the White House. So, do you suppose the Obama White House sent him to Ferguson?

UPDATE: Author-TV host Iyanla will join the Rev in St. Louis.

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