State Dept. Criticizes Former Pot-Smoking ISIS Terrorist… Do They Know Who’s in the White House?

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

The U.S. State Department has a Twitter campaign handle called “Think Again Turn Away” that is intended to counter Islamist terrorist influence on social media.
Thursday morning the Think Again Turn Away accounted tweeted:
think again isis pot smoker
“#ISIS executioner now in Syria known in France as pot-smoking clubber & non-practicing Muslim #thinkagainturnaway”

Do they know who is in the White House? President Barack Obama was a pot-smoking party boy who turned away from his childhood Islamic upbringing.

obama pot

Besides, many inspiring religious stories of being saved begin with the sinner lost in a party life before they find God, though most of those stories don’t end up with the saved chopping off heads of unbelievers.

The State Dept. tweet links to an AFP article with the same headline as the tweet that goes in to the background of Salim Benghalem, a French national who joined ISIS and is now one of the U.S. government’s ten most wanted foreign terrorists and is accused of being an ISIS executioner.

The State Department could have served the cause better by describing Benghalem as a gang member who served time in France for a deadly gang fight, which the article reported in addition to the pot smoking.

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