Morale Plummets at Homeland Security

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The Washington Post’s Jerry Markon reports an internal survey of federal workers at the Department of Homeland Security shows that, while already deteriorating under President Barack Obama, morale is plummeting under the agency’s new leader, Obama crony Jeh Johnson.

The Post notes DHS has had morale problems since its creation following the September 11, 2001 terrors attacks, but they have “worsened during the Obama administration — and which have grown more serious since Johnson took over in December.”

And it is no wonder why. The Obama administration has turned Homeland Security in to a ‘Welcome Wagon’ for illegal aliens, wrecked the Secret Service, covered-up for the White House in Hookergate and has left the country vulnerable to terrorist attacks like the Boston and Times Square bombings.

Incredibly, Johnson found time early in his tenure this year to meet at DHS headquarters with the terrorist support group Code Pink. Johnson and Code Pink are birds of a feather–like Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans, Johnson was a fundraising bundler for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

This week Johnson blew off reports of four members of a terrorist group being caught in Texas last month after crossing the Mexican border as something not to worry about because they were from a Kurdish terrorist group, the PKK, not members of ISIS. PKK was designated by the State Department as a foreign terrorist group in 1997.

“In September the public heard a claim that four individuals with suspected ties to terrorism in the Middle East had attempted to cross our southern border; far fewer know that, in fact, these four individuals were arrested, their supposed link to terrorism was thoroughly investigated and checked, and in the end amounted to a claim by the individuals themselves that they were members of the Kurdish Worker’s Party – an organization that is actually fighting against ISIL and defended Kurdish territory in Iraq. Nevertheless, these individuals have been arrested for unlawful entry, they are detained, and they will be deported.”

Johnson’s dismissal did not include the reports that four other terrorists associated with ISIS were also caught in south Texas just this week. As reported by The Gateway Pundit, the government watchdog group Judicial Watch said it was told by government sources of the capture. An independent report by an Examiner blogger in San Antonio says he too was told by a Border Patrol agent of the capture of at least four Islamist terrorists this week.

The UK Daily Mail asked DHS specifically about the Judicial Watch report. DHS ignored the query.

“The DHS has not yet responded to MailOnline’s request for comment on the claims.”

The Post reports over 40,000 DHS employees, out of more than 240,000, responded to the survey. Confidence in senior leadership was just 24.9 percent, down from 29.9 percent in 2013. Only 39.1 percent think DHS leaders “maintain high standards of honesty and integrity”, down from 44.5 percent. Overall satisfaction with the department was 41.6 percent, down from 44.4 percent.

The survey was conducted from late April until early June meaning it did not cover the gutting of border enforcement this summer for contagious disease carrying illegal alien families and unaccompanied children, the latest Secret Service scandals and the Ebola threat.

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