Massive Decontamination Effort of Public Spaces as CDC Says Can’t Get Ebola from ‘Casual Contact’

Who are you going to believe, the CDC…

…Or your own lying eyes?

In the wake of the first Ebola patient to come down with the virus from contact in the U.S., the Center for Disease Control and Prevention sought to once again tell the public that Ebola cannot be caught through “casual contact.”

Yet at the same time a massive decontamination effort took place at the apartment complex and hospital of the new Ebola patient as detailed Sunday morning at a Dallas news conference.

“Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said hazmat teams, working overnight, had decontaminated common areas in the apartment complex where the healthcare worker lived, as well as the patient’s car, handrails, and the parking lot at Texas Health Presbyterian.

“He said a hazmat team will be going into the apartment today to decontaminate it. There are also reports that the family has a pet, he said, “we have a plan in place to take care of the pet and we do not believe that pet has any signs.”

“Rawlings also said neighbors in a four-block radius of the apartment complex have been told about the events and offered printed information.”

If one cannot catch Ebola from casual contact, why bother to decontaminate handrails?

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