ISIS Is Holding At Least Four More American Hostages

The ISIS (ISIL) terrorist group released video of Alan Henning’s beheading beheading on Friday. Henning was a British aide worker in Syria.

At the end of the video ISIS promises to behead American Peter Kassig.
The ISIS beheader says in the video:

“Obama you have started your aerial bombardment of the Sham which keeps on striking our people. So, it is only right that we continue to strike the necks of your people.”

peter kassig isis

Peter Kassig is a former Army Ranger who went to Syria in 2013 as an aide worker.

The sick ISIS bastards tweeted this out on Friday at 3:50 PM CT.
isis kassig tweet

FOX News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge told Greta Van Susteren on Friday that ISIS is holding at least four more Americans. Two Americans have already been beheaded by the killers.

ISIS is demanding $6.6 million and several prisoners for the release of one young female hostage from California. Her family asked that she not be identified out of fear for her safety.

At least four more American hostages await their fate.
Via On the Record:

CNN reported in September that ISIS is also holding two Italian women, a Dane and a Japanese national. The group was captured in August.

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