#Ferguson Protesters Shut Down Walmart – Storm Second Walmart in Maplewood! (VIDEO)

The protesters moved from the Ferguson police department tonight over to the Walmart.
The Walmart shut down early.

The protesters are holding “End Racism” signs… at Walmart(?) end racism walmart

The protesters bragged about their city-wide mayhem today.


Private security at Walmart locked the doors from protesters.

* * * * * * * * *

They’re heading to a second Walmart.

Here’s video from the screaming protesters inside Walmart.

The protesters stormed into a second Walmart on Hanley Road in Maplewood, Missouri west of St. Louis.

The protesters are chanting, “Shut it down!” outside the Hanley Walmart.
It makes no sense.

The police arrested several of the lawbreakers.
protesters arrested maplewood
Protesters being put in back of police van at Maplewood Walmart.

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