WHITE LIBERALS Say Obama Gets Away With War-Mongering Because He’s Black

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

iraq war protest
Protests against Bush’s wars (Wikipedia)

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank reported on a small ‘antiwar’ protest held at the White House Tuesday that buried racist observations by white leftist activists who said Obama is getting away with waging war on more countries than George W. Bush because he is black.

If Tea Party activists had said similar things about Obama that would have been the lede with a screaming headline that would garner round the clock coverage on MSNBC.

““If George W. Bush were launching wars with Congress out of town, oh, it would be flooded,” longtime liberal activist David Swanson said, looking across mostly empty Pennsylvania Avenue “They would be screaming.”

“Swanson, who voted for Obama in 2008 before switching to the Green Party, said liberals who condemned Bush look the other way when Obama does the same thing because “he’s more eloquent, he’s more intelligent, he’s African American, he bills himself as a constitutional scholar.””

…”Ubiquitous activist Medea Benjamin of Code Pink tried to give her small antiwar band a pep talk. “The American people were on our side just a couple of months ago,” she said. “The support is going to start evaporating. . . . We need to accelerate that.””

“I asked Benjamin, who like Swanson voted for Obama in 2008 before turning Green, why so few on the left oppose Obama. “He’s totally defanged us,” she said, citing his party, his affability — and his race. “The black community is traditionally the most antiwar community in this country. He’s defanged that sentiment within the black community, or certainly voicing that sentiment.””

Unmentioned by Milbank is the fact that Code Pink has a direct link to Obama through co-founder Jodie Evans who was a major donor and fundraiser for Obama. Code Pink has met this year with top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. Code Pink has also acted as a messenger between terrorists and Obama over the years.

Milbank said later on Twitter the racist comments were made unbidden during his interviews with the white leftists.

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