WAR PRESIDENT: Bush Bombed 4 Countries… Obama Bombed 7 Countries & the Moon (Video)

WAR PRESIDENT Obama Has Now Bombed 7 Countries to Bush’s 4

Columnist and a senior editor for National Review magazine, Ramesh Ponnuru, was on Happening Now Tuesday to discuss Obama’s bombing campaign in Syria. Ponnuru reminded viewers who was the real war president.

“I think that the administration came into office with some assumptions about the Middle East and the world that just turned out not to be true. It proved harder to extricate ourselves from the Middle East that Obama had hoped and that his supporters had hoped. I saw on twitter, Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker make the point that Obama has now bombed seven countries to President Bush’s four. That’s not what everybody expected in 2008.”

And, Obama bombed the Moon, too.

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