More Lies From Susan Rice: When We Said Al-Qaeda Was Defeated, We Really Meant “Core Al-Qaeda” (Video)

More lies from Susan Rice–
In an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer Wednesday National Security Adviser Susan Rice explained what Barack Obama really meant during the 2012 campaign when they said Al-Qaeda was defeated.

Matt Lauer: What happened to the days when the administration was able to say it felt confident that we had dealt a crippling blow to al-Qaeda and Islamic militants?”

National Security Adviser Susan Rice: Well, Matt, understand what we’ve been saying. We’ve been focused for many years as you know on Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, what we call “al-Qaeda core.” And, that element of Al-Qaeda that hatched the 9-11 plot and executed it has been substantially degraded and doesn’t at this stage pose nearly the same kind of threat as it used to. What is happened though over years is that Al Qaeda “has metastasized.” Elements of the cells of that tumor have moved to places like the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, parts of Africa, Somalia and Mali and now also to Syria.

Of course, that is not what they meant when the lied to the American public in 2012.
It’s just another lie by Susan Rice.

So, what will their excuse be next year when the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Haqqani network take over Afghanistan after Obama pulls the troops?

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