FLASH: White House Beefs Up Security – Adds Bike Fence

Gust post by Kristinn Taylor

As news spread of the United States led attack on ISIS positions in Syria Monday night, a photo was posted showing the White House has added a new layer of security:

Portable bike fencing.
WH fence
Photo by Jim Acosta, CNN.


The new fence is presumably a response to the fence jumper on Friday who ran across the lawn and entered the North Portico entrance before being apprehended by the Secret Service…
isis phone white house
…and nothing to do with this threat by ISIS last month to attack the White House.

Similar barricades were used by the Obama administration to bar veterans from visiting their memorials last year during a government shutdown over the budget. The veterans took apart the fences, dubbed ‘Barrycades’ after the president, and delivered them to the front of the White House.

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