Even Hezbollah Says Obama Is Not Serious About Defeating ISIS


It’s that bad.
Even the Hezbollah terror group says Obama is not serious about confronting ISIS.
Fars News reported:

US President Barack Obama is not determined to crush Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists, Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem said.

“The flurry of international activity, which is sponsored by the US, is not serious about ending the takfiri threat,” Qassem said in remarks published Thursday by the local newspaper As-Safir, Al-Alam reported.

He said Obama spoke of “containing” the threat and not “stopping” it.

“Comments made by Barack Obama are clear. The word ‘containing’ means to identify risks and disable some of its objectives while maintaining this terrorist organization’s role (as a method designed) to frighten certain countries in this region and to keep this risk as a scarecrow in appropriate places to make political gains, particularly in Iraq and Syria.”

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