Another Deranged Democrat Accuses GOP of Fomenting Civil War

Failed Democratic Party candidate Andy Schmookler accused Tea Party Republicans of fomenting hate and violence in the country, the same sort of hatred that led to the Civil War.
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The Examiner reported:

Call it part of the continuing effort to foment hate and violence against conservatives and the Tea Party. In an op-ed published Tuesday at the Huffington Post, Andy Schmookler, a radio talk show host and former Democratic Party candidate who failed in his 2012 run for the House of Representatives, claims the Republican Party is just like the Confederacy and is ready to plunge the country into a second Civil War.

In a post titled “The Spirit that Drove Us To Civil War Is Back,” Schmookler claims there is a “force” or “spirit” responsible for the Civil War. That force, he claims, has “taken over” the Republican Party. Although he doesn’t mention it by name, it’s clear he’s talking about the Tea Party, the pro-Constitution grassroots movement liberals have loathed since it first came into existence.

According to Schmookler, the “Citizens United” Supreme Court case was not about the First Amendment right to free political speech, but the freedom of corporations to buy elections and dominate others. Voter ID laws, in his view, are not about ensuring honest elections and preventing voter fraud, but about racist Republicans trying to keep blacks from voting.

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