SNITCH ALERT! New Black Panther Leading Protests in St. Louis Is Police Informant

The FBI last week identified Chawn Kweli of the New Black Panthers Party as an agitator seeking to trigger violence against local Ferguson police.

This was reported last week.

The New Black Panther Party is active in Ferguson this week leading rallies and late night operations.


Kweli is in Ferguson and claiming, along with the NBPP, success in “policing the streets”. They express hatred for ALL police. Their former president, Malik Shabazz, actually led a rally wherein they chanted for the death of Officer Darren Wilson.

Now there is information that Chawn Kweli (AKA: Chawn Smock) is actually an employee of the Louisville, Kentucky Police Department.
Smell a snitch, anyone?

He’s also a hardcore radical.
From Kweli’s Facebook page:
kweli kids

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