Not #Ferguson: Elderly White Woman Hospitalized After Brutal Robbery in Ocoee

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

publix robbery

WFTV in Orlando, Florida reported Friday about a callous, violent robbery of an elderly white woman by three young black men that left the woman hospitalized with a serious brain injury and a broken clavicle.

The Publix surveillance videos released to the media show rare, clear before, during and after video of the victim, the perps and the robbery.

There will be no protests, no candlelight vigils, no statement by President Barack Obama, no Justice Department investigation, no visits by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. The race ‘healers’ won’t descend on Ocoee like they are doing in Ferguson this week or Sanford last year. There’s no money or political hay to be made.

The 74 year old white woman was just starting her weekly shopping at a Publix grocery store in Ocoee, Florida Friday morning. Store surveillance cameras filmed the scene as she wiped down the shopping cart in which she had placed her purse in the child seat. Three young black males are seen exiting the store together as the woman finishes wiping her cart. The youth in the middle steps toward the woman. He reaches out as he passes her and grabs ahold of her purse. He rips it from her left hand pulling her and the shopping cart over. The woman tries to hold on to her purse. It is possible the purse was secured with the safety belt in the child seat as the purse’s handle appears to break while the cart falls in the direction of the robber. The robber sees the elderly woman slam hard to the floor as she goes down with the cart but he takes off with her purse instead of helping her.

The black male in the lead of the trio is seen running out of the store, with the purse snatcher running out right behind him. The third black male bringing up the rear looks at the elderly white woman lying motionless by her shopping cart and does not come to her aid. He sprints out the store to catch up to his partners in crime. Publix employees are then seen coming to the victim’s aid.

The victim’s daughter was interviewed by WFTV outside the hospital where she was being treated.

““She’s in the hospital with bleeding outside her brain. She had a broken clavicle and a lot of bruising,” said the victim’s daughter Kristi Tilton.
“The victim was rushed to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

““She’s going to be here through the night. They will watch and monitor her. We are hoping and praying for the best,” Tilton said.

“Investigators are looking for three men involved in the attack.

““My father just passed away. The woman has been dealing with a lot. She has a handicapped son, and now she’s laid up in the hospital, hurt,” Tilton said.”

WKMG in Orlando reported the robbers spent less than twenty minutes in the Publix. They left without buying anything. It was also reported they were accompanied by two females who were in the Publix ladies room when the males left and committed the violent robbery.

WKMG showed different parts of the security film in their report on the robbery than did WFTV.

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