MO DEMOCRAT Accuses Police of Purposely Planning & Executing #Ferguson Violence (Video)

Sen. Maria Chappelle Nadal went on FOX News today to discuss the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

Senator Chappelle Nadal accused the Missouri police of purposely planning and making the violence “worse than it actually is” in Ferguson.

“Here’s what I found out and let me tell you my experience… Last night we saw a gang of kids running in the direction we were going and all of the sudden we heard 5 or 6 pops, gunfire, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop… This morning I was speaking with someone in the media who said we were contacted by someone in the police department, or a police officer, who said prior to the event before curfew that, “If you want to see something we’ve got something to show you tonight.” So that was before curfew. And I’m just looking at all of the facts and my experiences and I think as well as some of my constituents think at this point in time the State Highway Patrol, the St. Louis County Police as well as the Ferguson Police Department may be trying to make this situation worse than what it actually is.

They planned it.

Chappelle Nadal was accused of threatening to stab fellow Democrat Jamilah Nasheed at a rap concert in 2011.


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