BREAKING: FERGUSON ERUPTS! Looting, Shots Fired, Rioting – MASS CHAOS!! (Video)

Mass Chaos in Ferguson, Missouri!

Business Looted – Mass Rioting – Bottles Thrown at Police – Molotov Cocktails – Shots Fired!
chaos ferguson friday

Al-Jazeera reporters were reportedly attacked.
rioter cocktail
Masked rioter reportedly carries a Molotov Cocktail in Ferguson, Missouri Friday night.


** Liquor Store Looted
** Sam’s Meat Market
** Chinese restaurant (for second time this week)
** Beauty Supply Store Looted
** Electronics Store Looted
** Domino’s Pizza fire – May have been inside the business
** Bus Stop Vandalized
** At least one person shot
** Bottles Thrown at police!

Protesters taunt police–
ferguson police standoff Protester standoff with police!

MASS RIOTS break out in Ferguson, Missouri on Friday Night! Via Local KMOV: SHOTS FIRED! –A Code 2000 went out to all local police stations for assistance.

Ferguson Market and Liquor was looted —

This was the same liquor store Michael Brown robbed last weekend. At least one bus stop was vandalized.

A protester earlier Friday night carried this sign:
“It shouldn’t be Dangerous to be a Young Black Male”
dangerous to be black
It shouldn’t.

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