What a Surprise! Michael Moore Is a Filthy Rich Hypocrite

What a surprise!
New court documents reveal anti-capitalist filmmaker Michael Moore is a filthy rich pig… And, a hypocrite.
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The loudmouth liberal preaches on the evils of capitalism but owns NINE HOUSES!
Detroit Jalopnik reported:

What exactly does Michael Moore need with $50 million and nine houses? We’ll never know, but we can hazard a guess, thanks some details from the documentarian’s pending divorce.

“Roger & Me” is required Jalopnik viewing, if not for the devastating consequences of one town’s reliance on the auto industry then at least for the spectacular displays of wealth said industry affords. So it’s a little strange that the man who has built a career criticizing capitalist culture is very much a capitalist himself.

Moore and his wife, Kathleen Glynn, will end their marriage of 22 years this week in a courthouse in northern Michigan. It’s there where the couple shared a 10,000-square-foot home on Torch Lake, an affluent tourist community worlds removed from his Flint hometown. Moore initiated the divorce, records show.

The house, as well as eight other residences, a $50 million fortune amassed from “Roger & Me,” “Bowling For Columbine,” “Fahrenheit 9/11” and a slew of other documentaries and books, and other assets, are at stake between the two.

The Detroit News reports that the house, nicknamed “The House that Roger Built,” was the final straw between Glynn — whom he met at a muckraking newspaper in Flint in the in the 1970s — and Moore. They bought the home in 1995, but Moore says Glynn’s constant spending to expand the lakefront home contradicted his message of being a champion for the little guy.

Residents who passed by in their boats monitored the home for the latest growth, they said.

“He is not a common man. No way,” resident Nancy Schwalm said while having lunch with two relatives at Lulu’s Bistro in Bellaire.

The mansion played a starring role in the divorce pleadings.

In one filing, Moore complained the expansion cost five times more than Glynn said it would. She handled the couple’s personal and business expenses, he said.

OK, OK. So maybe they got out of control with one house. But I’m having a hard time believing that Moore, who once told CNN’s Larry King that “those who invest their money wrongly or, you know, don’t run their business the right way, then they don’t do well,” was wholly opposed to his wife’s spending. As he noted in the divorce paperwork, they both had equal access to the money they earned.

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Two years ago Michael Moore refused to tell Piers Morgan on CNN that he was in the one-percent.

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