UPDATE on BCFS: Using the word “Baptist” in the Government organization title doesn’t make it a Church

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Update on BCFS: Recall that Baptist Child and Family Services was behind the Federal Government deal for $50M to buy a resort hotel for illegals as The Gateway Pundit reported here and here.

Well, just because the word “Baptist” is in the organization’s title, doesn’t make it a Church. The minimal amount of research brings a person to the BCFS website—home to Health and Human Services (displayed under the BCFS logo in the upper-left corner). Gee, that sounds more like an Obama agency than a Church. Check out the Partners page to find a who’s who list of Federal and State government agencies that are reminiscent of the ACORN complex ties for laundering taxpayer-funded money.


Apparently, many have been digging into the BCFS as well.

TheConservativetreehouse has put together an excellent, comprehensive, and detailed report of their findings. Here’s a glimpse into what they found:

[…] What follows below is a little more depth on the issue of “Faith Based” organizations and those receiving federal grants to facilitate illegal immigration.

We have received numerous requests to turn the eye of research into exactly what these organizations are. Specifically, one group that is continually in the media stories when they describe “faith-based” organizations and subsequent assistance to illegal aliens, or unaccompanied alien children, Baptist Child and Family Services or BCFS.

Faith Based Organizations“. Has a nice charitable ring to it, no? At least on the surface it’s a great sounding catch phrase. Such descriptivism gives the reader or listener the impression of “charity” in some form. At the very least, as Mr. Teddy Bears and Soccer Balls -Glenn Beck- has recently been espousing, they would seem quite, well, “charitable“.

Alas, not so fast. Allow us to introduce to you Mr. Kevin Dinnin.


He’s the paid President and CEO of Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD). We found him by backtracking the name of the principal officer posted on their 2012 tax filings.

Paid at an annual salary of $477,799+ I might add.

Not a bad gig for himself and rest of the BCFS-EMD leadership and staff who pulled in, and paid $33,000,000 in wages for 2012.

Yes, that is THIRTY THREE MILLION. In payroll.

You see, BCFS is two entities. You have BCFS and BCFS-EMD.

BCFS Health and Human Services’ Emergency Management Division (BCFS EMD) is a non-profit partner of federal, state and local government and private industry. Our organization specializes in emergency management, incident management, disaster response, public health and medical emergency response, mass care, medical sheltering and planning for vulnerable populations.  (link)

Call me crazy but I thought that’s what FEMA was for….. oh well, I digress.

Now, at this point I’d usually link to a bunch of internal publicly available information about BCFS-EMD so you could cruise around and dig in for your own analytical curiosity. However, a strange thing happened while assembling this research; the site closed down many of the page functions during my assembly….. presto:  “ACCESS DENIED” ! […]

There’s MORE which can be viewed HERE… and includes a list of TAXPAYER-FUNDED grants, among them a single grant this month for $190,707,505.00.


Tax forms and more also included in the analysis found at theConservativetreehouse.


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