Murrieta Mayor: Feds Never Contacted Us About Dumping Illegals in Our City (Video)

Alan Long, the mayor of Murrieta, California, defended the protests in his community this week.
protest murrieta
Alan Long also told FOX News the federal government have not contacted him about dumping hundreds of illegal immigrant children on the streets of Murrieta.

“We’re a very small town. It’s a bedroom community of about 106,000 and the air is clean and the people are beautiful… As far as we know, Murrieta is still a destination point. So we have every reason to expect more buses to arrive in Murrieta. Border patrol and Homeland Security has not answered any of those questions. We just anticipate more coming. Border patrol… At the national and the Department of Homeland Security, we have yet to hear from them with a short term and long term plan. So we’re really in the dark.”

They didn’t even have the decency to give the mayor a call!
Via America’s Newsroom:

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