MO State Auditor Tom Schweich Calls for Independent Investigator in IRS Targeting Scandal

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich recently called for an independent investigation into the IRS targeting scandal.

“The only way there is even a chance that faith is going to be restored in what’s going on over there is if there is a completely independent investigation. They really need to contract, for example with the Missouri State Auditor’s Office or another reputable, well-known auditor to come in and do it with people who really have the expertise in this area.”

Schweich has had a very successful run as Missouri state auditor.

The following initiatives were unveiled during State Auditor Tom Schweich’s first term in office.
Republican Schweich is running unopposed in the November election.

All of these initiatives are brand new to the state office and have played a pivotal role in seeking out fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

• A Rapid Response Program
o A program allowing the Auditor’s office to respond quickly to serious allegations of waste, fraud or abuse in order to catch any wrongdoing before evidence is destroyed.
• A Grading System
o To promote a greater level of transparency a Citizens Summary of every audit performed is available for Missourians, along with a brand new grading system that summarizes the results of each audit with a grade of excellent, good, fair, or poor.
• A Follow-up Team
o To increase accountability, 90-120 days after an audit is performed a follow-up is done to ensure all recommendations are implemented in a timely manner.
• Aggressive Anti-Embezzlement Training

• As of July 1, the Auditor’s office has found $2,312,078 in stolen, missing monies, frauds, and waste.
• During this time, nine embezzlers have been convicted and six other individuals have charges pending.
• In the most egregious case, the Auditor’s office caught the Schuyler County Collector stealing $568,974 in taxpayer funds. The Collector was sentenced to 33 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution.

• The Kansas City School District provided inadequate documentation for nearly $4 million in expenditures, as well as being unable to locate over $2 million in property. The St. Louis city schools were promoting hundreds of students who could not read. The Rockwood school district double-paid a contractor that had an employee on the school board.
• The Department of Social Services paid more than $300,000 to childcare providers for absence/holiday payments for children who did not attend the daycare any longer. The state has recovered the funds. The Auditor’s office also uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars that was paid toward facilities that were never built or never had any students.

Schweich is right. It’s time for Holder to assign an independent investigator to investigate the IRS.

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