Border Patrol Spokesman: “The Situation Is Very Serious… We Still Have a Wide Open Border” (Video)

Illegal immigrants swim across the Rio Grande from Mexico. (4News)

Hector Garza, a spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council, told Uma Pemmaraju on America’s News HQ Saturday that the situation on the border is serious and we still have a wide open border.

“The border patrol agents are the United States’ first line of defense against these criminal organizations that are trying to get into our country. Now the situation continues. It is a very serious situation. Some people are calling it a humanitarian crisis. Some people call it a refugee situation. What we call it is a rapid abuse of our immigration system. The situation is still very critical and the border patrol is trying to do the best it can… The drug organizations and the drug cartels have the ability to adjust to our operations… It is still very serious. We still have a wide open border.

Someone needs to tell that to Harry Reid.

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