Allen West Weighs in On NAACP Attacks on Black Conservatives

Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) lashed out at the NAACP after black conservatives were very publicly attacked at the conference this week as reported at Progressives Today.
From the Allen B. West website:

NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and at the turn of the century, Booker T. Washington had a three-pronged agenda for their advancement: education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. Those three values completely align with conservative principles.

At the NAACP conference this week, a member was quite upset that black conservatives were there at all, including Deneen Borelli and CL Bryant, and made it clear they were not welcome at the event. This video is quite telling because it provides a clear window into what ails the black community: the advancement of grievance mongering and the welfare state.

Read the rest here.

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