1,800 Year-Old Church Torched by ISIS in Mosul

church mosul 1800
(Ammon News)

ISIS terrorists torched an 1,800 year-old church in Mosul according to reports on Saturday.
Ammon News reported, via Religion of Peace:

Militants from the radical jihadist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have set fire to a 1,800-year-old church in Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, a photo released Saturday shows.

The burning of the church is the latest in a series of destruction of Christian property in Mosul, which was taken by the Islamist rebels last month, along with other swathes of Iraqi territory.

A video posted on YouTube July 9 shows a tomb being destroyed with a sledgehammer which government officials said was “almost certainly” the tomb of Biblical prophet Jonah.

Earlier, Mosul’s Christians fled the city en masse before a Saturday deadline issued by the al-Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for them to either convert to Islam, pay tax, leave or be killed.

Christians fled Iraq’s city of Mosul en masse Friday after the terrorist group of ISIL delivered an ultimatum giving them a few hours to leave.

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