ISIS Celebrates Slaughter of Hundreds of Young Shiites in a Ditch

ISIS celebrated on Twitter the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Shiites in northern Iraq.

ISIS forces reportedly murdered hundreds of “security forces” near Tikrit this week.

The Islamist group ISIS loaded the “security forces” (Iraqi men, boys and security officials) onto SEVERAL trucks.
ISIS truck
If you look at the picture you’ll notice the Shiites were dressed in pedestrian clothes and soccer shirts.


There were HUNDREDS of Iraqis loaded onto a ROW OF DUMP TRUCKS—

ISIS is celebrating the slaughter of innocent Shiites today on Twitter.
shiite slaughter
The rough translation: Liquidation of herds forces Swat section O Shiites. Ngeran and land from your blood أنهاراً, # الدولة_الإسلامية_في_العراق_والشام # ISIS

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