Good Grief! TIME Reporter Defends Obama & Taliban Treatment of Bergdahl – Compares to Gitmo (Video)

Good grief. TIME reporter Aryn Baker defended the Obama administration and compared Bowe Bergdahl’s treatment to the treatment of Gitmo detainees in orange jumpsuits.


Baker was interviewed by Gretchen Carlson today after TIME magazine published her piece on the Taliban celebrating Obama’s Gitmo deal and promising more kidnappings to come.

Aryn also believes Bowe Bergdahl was a POW, even though he deserted his platoon.


Aryn Baker: The US is usually very firm on not doing any negotiations with kidnappers but this is the situation of a POW. So, the circumstances are a bit different… The fear that this puts more soldiers at risk, while intellectually it would, it’s not like the Taliban has just discovered the idea of kidnapping a soldier as a good way to get what they want…

… What they are doing is trying to preserve their honor. In Afghan culture, in Pashtun culture, it is very important to treat all guests, whether they be there under their own volition or not, with honor. And, so by presenting him with tailor made clothes, with a turbin, and treating him well, getting him food. They’re saying, ‘Look we treat our detainees better than you did, you Americans with your orange jumpsuits..”

That’s crazy.

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