First-Grader Accidentally Brings Toy Gun to School – Turns It In – Gets Suspended Anyway (Video)

Pennsylvania first-grader Darin Simak accidentally brought a toy gun to school in his backpack. After he found it he turned it into his teacher. But he was suspended anyway.
WTAE reported, via Daily Caller:

Darin’s mother ignored the suspension and sent him to school the next day.
WTAE reported:

First-grader Darin Simak is a little shy, a little upset and a little confused about why he can’t go back to Martin Elementary in New Kensington, but he knows it’s the result of him bringing a toy gun to school in his backpack Wednesday.

Jennifer Mathabel said her son left his usual backpack in a friend’s car the night before, so he packed another one but missed the toy gun inside.

“So I send my child to school. My child discovers a fake toy gun at about 1:30 p.m. He turns it in to the teacher and he’s sent to the office and suspended,” said Mathabel.

But she felt her son shouldn’t be suspended, and still sent him to school Thursday morning.

“I got a phone call from the principal at 9 a.m., and she said, ‘Darin is not to be in school,’ and I said, ‘I’m sending him to school because he is entitled to be in school and be educated,'” said Mathabel.

Darin was given an in-school suspension until his father came to pick him up and take him back home.

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