Amnesty Fail in Texas!

For those that missed the major policy fight last weekend, grassroots conservatives outmaneuvered the establishment on the Trojan-horse ‘Texas Solution’ which would have legitimized amnesty.


The NE Tarrant Tea Party reports on the new immigration plank for the GOP Platform in Texas.  It replaced the former pro-amnesty plank pushed by big-money, Chamber-types.  A major push from Houston area delegates to the Texas GOP Convention was not able to overcome the backlash from conservatives.

Many were worried John Boehner & the Washington establishment would use Texas as an excuse to push pro-amnesty legislation nationally.  A classic grassroots insurrection was able to out-mobilize the establishment in a major victory for conservatives.  In true grassroots fashion, the number of leaders that coalesced to fight the amnesty plank are too many to name, but you know who you are!


For a summary of the fight from one Texas grassroots activist, go here.

H/T Ben

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