WRETCHED Mother Jones Runs With THOROUGHLY DEBUNKED ‘Spit Piece’ on US Gun Owners

If There Was No Spit – You Must Acquit

On Monday May 19 Progressives Today and Dana Loesch completely debunked a Mother Jones ‘spit piece’ on US gun owners.

Activist and performance artist Jennifer Longdon claimed she was spit on at the Indianapolis airport after she spoke at a rally against gun owners.

It was a complete lie.

Here again is our report….

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Jennifer Longdon – Anti-Gun Activist and Smear Merchant
longdon protest
Caren Teves (right), whose son was killed in the Aurora, Colo., mass shooting, speaks Friday as she holds up a handwritten letter to her from Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., as Jennifer Longdon (left), a shooting victim who was left paralyzed, holds up a protest sign as they join more than 50 anti-gun activists rallying outside Flake’s office in Phoenix. (The Courier)

Dana Loesch pointed to this story today at Mother Jones about a spitting incident in the Indianapolis Airport that reportedly occurred on April 25, 2014.

Check this story from a website that that I personally consider to be the Internet version of bathroom scrawl in a dive bar unisex bathroom. The difference is that I think bathroom scrawlists vet their graffiti.

As Longdon sat waiting for her flight, a screen in the concourse showed footage of the press conference. A tall, thin man standing nearby stared at Longdon, then back at the screen. Then he walked up to Longdon and spat in her face. No one else blinked.

Longdon was shocked and embarrassed, she told me, but she didn’t falter. “Wow, aren’t you a big man,” she said as he turned and walked away. Instead of calling for security, she wheeled herself to a restroom to clean herself off. She was tired—she lives with constant physical pain—and didn’t want to miss her flight.

We are to believe that people who think kids should be suspended for wearing NRA shirts and eating Pop Tarts into the shape of a gun would just brush this aside? Sure, if it happened, that’s horrible, but you mean to tell me that there are no witnesses, no one to corroborate the story, no security footage? Haven’t we heard this before?

Hmm. So this incident reportedly occurred on April 25 at the Indianapolis airport after the concourse television aired a report on the Every Town for Gun Safety protest outside the NRA convention?

That’s odd – the TV report never made it on the Everytown for Gun Safety website.
And, since the Indianapolis airport airs CNN on their TV screens you’d think you could find their report on the protest on their website, right?
Nope. It’s not there.
CNN has no record of the protest.

TV Eyes also has no record of Jennifer Longdon on cable news on April 25.

It looks like Mother Jones was just caught in a lie.

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Despite proof that this entire episode was a hoax, Mark Follman from Mother Jones and performance artist Jennifer Longdon are still slandering US Second Amendment supporters.

Yesterday they doubled down on their spit piece.

Read the rest at Progressives Today.

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